Solar Panel Security – Protecting Your Tech

While selecting the right solar solution is as important as selecting the right contractors to perform the installation, it is also of vital importance to consider how you are going to protect these valuable assets.

Solar panel theft and vandalism is a very real thing, and is a growing concern. Much like with any other asset, particularly valuable tech gear, it is vital that you take the same necessary precautions in protecting your solar panel system that you would do with any of the precious contents of your home. Since solar panels are still a new phenomenon in many societies, it is still difficult to prosecute offenders for such crimes.

It now falls on the home owner to ensure that you install some form of (security) click here around your house, such as anti-theft fixtures, gates with locks, chains around the panels and movement detector lights, even armed response in some cases.

  • It is advisable that you also ensure that you mark your panel wire frames so you can be able to identify them in the case of them being stolen and recovered.
  • Try to avoid announcing the cost of your solar panel system and its installation, as this has the potential to attract opportunistic would-be thieves.
  • Ensure that you make use of rails and screws when securing your panel, so that it makes it more difficult for thieves to loosen them and make a quick get away.
  • Never leave potential climbing apparatus such as step ladders or access alongside your walls or fences.

You know how much it costs to buy and install this high-tech equipment, so it would not be remiss to consider insuring your solar panel system under your home contents insurance. Always remember to stay vigilant and call the police to report any suspicious incidents in your home or neighbourhood.